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How you can help

1. Share your talents.

We are always looking for speakers and presenters to visit camp and provided added dimensions to our sessions. If there is a topic you could contribute to, please let us know.

2. Share your time.

Virtus trained individuals could visit as guest readers in the afternoons to spend some time reading with our all-day campers. Every child loves having stories read to them and some children may benefit from some reading assistance.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer!


3. Share your treasures.

Camp snack donations and any financial contribution to the camp will help keep camp costs down and allow us to do more with our community.  We appreciate your support!

We can always use:

Juice boxes

Goldfish crackers



Vanilla Wafers

Cheese sticks

Rice Crispy Treats

And the counselors love treats in the break room : )

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