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All About Star Wars

Calling all Jedis! Begin your Jedi training and explore new galaxies as you fight for peace and justice. Learn the ways of the Force, build droids, go on Jedi missions and play Jedi games. Balance, strength, and mental focus you must have. Jedis in training will make their own light sabers, Yoda ears or Princess Lea hair and various Star Wars crafts. Help Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia fight the forces of evil and defeat Kylo Ren and the First Order. May the force be with you!

Artsy Craftsy
Art comes alive in this hands-on exploration of creative art. Each day the campers will be
encouraged to express themselves through the creation of art through varied media.

Get ready for summer by having a fun week of basketball. This camp will balance teaching skills
and fundamentals with games, contests and fun. The basic skills of ball handling, passing,
shooting and defense will be taught throughout the week of camp. The camp is designed to help
each camper improve as a player while providing a fun and encouraging environment.


Brain Games & Teasers

Like weird and unusual games? Like the challenge of working through puzzles and solving riddles? 

Come along for a week of different cooperative games and trivia. Journey alongside other Camp Carlo

campers and try to stump your Counselors along the way.

Circus Camp
Spend a week under the big top with carnival and circus themed games, crafts and activities for
little ones. Face paint, juggling, "lions" jumping through hoops and more. Come one, come all, to
the greatest week of the summer!

Create & Build

Calling all Junior Engineers! If you love building and inventing, we want you! We'll construct marble runs, create with duct tape, and build with materials big and small. Discover how things move with science as build bridges, domes,  and pyramids. Bring your ideas and energy and let's get to work!

Flag Football
Our flag football camp teaches the core skills of passing, catching, and de-flagging or defensive
positioning while delivering fun and exciting action. Each flag football camp is organized into
training environments that are designed to prepare kids to be champions both on and off the
field. Our camp will teach good sportsmanship, teamwork, and the importance of fair play, and
our local coaches will give children who want to play football the opportunity to learn the game
and improve their skills in a positive environment.

Fun Factory
Test the limits of fun through experimenting and building. A little bit of science, a little bit of

engineering, a whole lot of creating. Visit our factory of fun!


Garage Band

Do you love music? Do you play an instrument? Come jam with us! As we learn how different

instruments work, we're going to build our own home-made instruments and learn how to

make music with a variety of objects - including some instruments. We will also explore some

technology used to mix songs and create and record our own songs throughout the week.

Girl Power!
Whether you're a tomboy, a girly girl or a little bit of both, this is your invitation to summer
adventure. A week of female heroes in history, science projects, friendship bracelets, double
dutch, the perfect cartwheel and more! Practice secret note passing skills, basic self-defense and
how to deal with bullies. Find out about cowgirls, famous girl saints, female Nobel Prize winners
and more! There is strength in the feminine genius!

Gym Games
We've combined a hybrid of field games such as Kick the Can, Manhunt, and Kickball
with indoor favorites such as Gaga ball, 9Square in the Air, dodge ball and more! It's like your

favorite day of gym class every day!

Harry Potter Fan Club

It's not quite Hogwarts, but it is all things Harry Potter. Regardless of what house the Sorting Hat

places you in, every wizard will make a wand and cultivate a Mandrake, search for Horcruxes, and

brew up some Butter Beer. Show off your Harry Potter trivia and join your fellow Potter Heads

for an exciting week of wizarding.

Heroes to the Rescue!

Heroes come in many varieties and wear many uniforms - superheroes, holy heroes, and real-life heroes.

We will celebrate and thank the heroes who help us and discover how we can all be heroes.

Intro to Sports

We're going to try out a new sport each day! We'll cover the basics - basketball, soccer, and flag football - and then we'll have some fun with classic gym games like gaga ball, kick ball, and dodge ball. We're not only exploring the rules and techniques of each sport, we'll also be talking about good sportsmanship and playing fair. 

Let's Play a Game

We're going to have some fun playing card games, board games, and playground games. Enjoy games you already know and learn some new ones. Along with the fun, we'll be focusing on being a good sport. To play a game without hurt(ing) feelings, means everyone wins!

My 1st Lab

Engage your child in the wonders of science with age-appropriate, hands-on activities that will introduce them to exciting science concepts – the Mad Science way!  Children will explore different aspects of science as we make sidewalk chalk, grow their own plant, and discover the science behind bubbles and homemade ice cream.

Once Upon a Time...

Creativity will abound as we explore some classic and some new fairy tales, fables, and stories. A little bit

of story-telling, a little bit of theater, a little bit of crafting, a whole lot of fun! Not only will we

encounter some of the classics, we will create mash-ups of classic fairy tales and invent

our own new stories.


Find your inner Picasso as you experiment with different styles and mediums of painting. You will learn

about some of the most famous masters of painting and test out the styles they used. Whether you

are a beginner or experienced painter, you will end the week by going home with your own portfolio!

Paper mache 
Let your imagination soar as you design and then build your very own paper mache projects. You
will learn about the materials needed, how to make your own wheat paste, and the finishing
touches that will make your project the best new addition to your room.

Police Academy
Geared toward children ages 9-14, campers will spend a week learning the ins and outs of being
a police officer. This camp includes visits from different officers who will share their experiences
and show the gear they use on the job. Campers will engage in physical training and workouts, as
well as practice their marksmanship!


Romans & Gladiators

Salve! Find out what it takes to be an ancient Roman gladiator. Join us at the Roman Colosseum

and explore what happened there. But first, you'll need a shield and helmet and some battle

techniques. We'll pick up a few Latin phrases as we explore Roman architecture and before

the week is over you'll build an aqueduct and a Roman arch. A historical adventure for all!

Players will strengthen individual soccer skills and sportsmanship through training with direct
coaching in small groups. Instruction will focus on getting open, anticipating opportunities,
shooting, and creativity in the attacking third of play. Further emphasis will be placed on
defensive coverage in a 1v1 situation.

Survival Training
Are you the next Bear Grylls or Les Stroud? Spend a week learning elements of the five basic
survival skills - fire, shelter, signaling, food/water and first aid. Join us for an exciting week
learning many valuable skills, like tying important knots, starting a fire without matches or a
lighter, building a sleeping shelter, making snares and developing directional skills among many
other skills.

Theater I and II

Collaborating with members of the local Lumina Theater Company, we will be working with the kids to put on a production! Kids will develop acting skills, work on voice projection, participate in set building and costume design, and help with lighting and sound effects. This is a great opportunity for your child to shine on the stage and explode with self confidence. This is a 2-week session and both weeks are required to make the production a success. You don't want your child to miss this amazing opportunity!

Time Travelers
Have you ever wanted to time travel?! Join us as we jump back in time and explore ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece.  We'll explore the art, music, food, and people of these by-gone eras and have fun dressing up in costumes and making artifacts from the time period. We'll also be making a timeline to map where we've been. Let history come alive!

Vacation Bible School

Let the love of Jesus and the word of God grow deeper in your child's heart through great songs, lessons from the Bible, age-appropriate crafts and activities, and a whole lot of fun. It will be the highlight of your child's summer and the perfect closing to our summer camp.

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